DsEyez Productions is a multifaceted production company, curating pre-production,

production, and post-production services.

In addition, we provide video marketing strategies for your brand ensuing the effective video for targeted media markets. DsEyez Productions believes in delivering an exemplary client experience that is indicative of its passion for bringing your vision to video and the art of story-telling.

We are a multifaceted company that manages every aspect of video production, from Full Pre-Production to Full Post Production. Some of the services that are offered includes: directing, filming, photography, video editing, producing, mastering, transcoding, cataloging and web mastering. To further your brand and/or organization online marketing, DsEyez Production offers web-designing services indicative to video.

  • Video Filming

  • Video Editing

  • Photography

  • Directing

  • Producing

  • Event Coverages

  • Full Preproduction

  • Full Production

  • Post Production

  • Editing

  •  Mastering

  • Transcoding

  • Cataloging

  • Web Mastering